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Can You Toss A Mattress In A Dumpster?

Can You Toss A Mattress In A Dumpster?

When it comes to cleaning out your house, you might be wondering if you can put certain items in the dumpster.

A common question is, “Can you put a mattress in a dumpster?” After all, it’s one of the largest and most awkward items to move, whether you’re doing demolition or otherwise renovating.

So in this article, let’s talk about the answer to, “Can you throw a mattress in a dumpster?” That way you can be best prepared during the process.

Can I Put A Mattress In A Dumpster?

To finally address the question of whether or not you can put a mattress in the dumpster, the answer is Yes — you can put a mattress in the dumpster.

However, mattresses need to be disposed of in a special way by any kind of dumpster rental company or other person.

For that reason, there is an additional charge of $25 when you dump a mattress in the dumpster. As long as you’re fine with budgeting that fee in mind, you’re good to go.

So the short answer to “Can you throw mattresses in a dumpster?” is yes, as long as you plan accordingly.

The Benefits Of Renting A Roll Off Dumpster

There are several benefits of running a roll-off dumpster instead of trying to deal with a demolition yourself:

Don’t Haul A Mattress On Your Car

It can be dangerous to haul a mattress on a vehicle. First of all, you have to strap it down on the roof if you don’t have a large truck. Even with an SUV, it may not fit. This increases the risk that you have a traffic accident.


It’s much more convenient to haul the mattress to a roll-off dumpster than it is to go to an entirely different location. Why waste energy if you don’t have to?

Saves Time

You’re busy enough, especially with your demolition or other projects. Instead of spending the time on the round trip to drop the mattress off at a different location, simply throw it in your dumpster and let the professionals haul it off later.

Rent Roll-Off Dumpsters Today

Reach out to the experts at Speedy Dumps, Inc if you have any questions about a dumpster rental in Cumming, GA. We offer a variety of sizes, pick-up options.

With over a decade of experience, we’ll make sure to suit your dumpster needs, no matter what they are. We’ll answer any questions you have, such as  “Can you put a couch in a dumpster?” Let’s get your project started today.

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