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Large Item Disposal Do’s & Don’ts 

Large Item Disposal Do’s & Don’ts 

The bulk of the trash that comes out of our homes is left in a basic kitchen trash bag or a waste bin bag. However, there are some items that you wish to dispose of that are much larger, so much so that you’re unable to just throw them in a bag or even fit them in your dumpster. 

What are you supposed to do when you need to throw away something larger? More importantly, what are some common mistakes that others have made that you should aim to avoid? Let’s take a look at some of the large item disposal dos and don’ts you need to know before you throw any larger waste away.

Large Item Disposal: What to Do

  • Do Figure Out What Can Be Dumped and What Can’t: Some items, like furniture, will likely be able to be dumped quite easily. Meanwhile, certain products containing dangerous chemicals or even some appliances in your home may not be something that you can dump. Take the time needed to research which large items are okay to get rid of and which won’t be able to be processed by the waste management company in your area.
  • Do See If Your City Will Pick Items Up for You: Some cities will offer large item pickups if you have just a few things that you need to dispose of. See if you can arrange a pickup time with them to trash large items responsibly.
  • Do Look for Other Ways to Remove Items First Before Trashing Them: Before you throw something away, consider if there might be another way to get rid of it without putting it in the landfill, especially if it’s still in good quality and useful. This may include asking someone else if they want the item, seeing if a company will take it away when they drop off a replacement, or donating the item.

Large Item Disposal: What to Avoid

  • Don’t Dump Toxic Materials or E-Waste: There’s a reason why people aren’t permitted to throw away large items containing hazardous materials or electronic components. This is because these can affect the health of the people handling these items as well as the community at large. Always dispose of certain items the way that your city requests. Even if you don’t believe you’ll get caught, you still run the risk of receiving a fine.
  • Don’t Make It Harder to Get Rid of Waste: If something can be broken down further so that it’s easier for you and others to move and dispose of, do this. It streamlines the entire waste management process. Everyone will thank you for it!
  • Don’t Dump Your Items Just Anywhere: Some people will dump their garbage anywhere that suits them. This is an understandable reaction. But when you do this, you just create a problem that someone else has to deal with, which isn’t fair to them. As with the above, you could also be looking at a fine if you happen to get caught engaging in such an action. Always take the right course of action when you need to dispose of things, even if it comes at the cost of your time and energy.

Tackle Bigger Cleanup Jobs With Speedy Dumps

Throwing away bigger items or large volumes of trash can seem daunting. We here at Speedy Dumps are dedicated to making it easier for you. Whether you’re looking for a driveway-safe dumpster rental in Roswell or a construction dumpster rental in Roswell, we make it easier for you to get the waste disposal services you need. Reach out to us today to tell us more about your project and learn more about how we can help!

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