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Basement Clean Out: What Can Go In The Dumpster

Basement Clean Out: What Can Go In The Dumpster

If you use your basement for storage, there could be many objects to dispose of. Although most items are safe to put in one of our 10-yard dumpsters in Roswell, there are a few items you can’t put in them. The Speedy Dumps, Inc. team can help you sort out what can go in the dumpster and provide large dumpsters to simplify your basement cleanout.

What Basement Garbage Can I Put in My Rental Dumpster?

When you invest in a residential dumpster rental in Alpharetta, it can greatly simplify the cleaning process. We suggest you organize items for disposal into various categories to keep the process organized.

There’s plenty of room in one of our 10-yard dumpsters, however, regulations limit what you can place on them. Here are some items you can pitch into the dumpster without concern.

Household Items

Many people store spare furniture and appliances in their basement. You can throw most of these items away in the dumpster. Old carpeting, debris, dishes, and personal items are also permitted. You can also throw toasters, blenders, and small appliances in with the rest.

Construction Debris

If you have recently remodeled, you may have drywall, old carpeting, roofing materials, bricks, and insulation in your basement. The good news is that you can dispose of these items in your rented dumpster. Remember that there are weight limits to keep in mind so you don’t pay extra money for large loads.

Yard Waste

If you have recently cleaned up the yard, your basement may contain leaves, grass clippings, and branches. These are permitted in residential rental dumpsters. So, schedule a dumpster drop-off if you plan to clean up the backyard.

Metal, Paper, and Cardboard

Do you still have stacks of magazines or cardboard boxes in your basement? You can throw books and cardboard items in your dumpster. Aluminum, copper, iron, and steel items are also allowed, making it easy to clean up after a construction project without making multiple trips to the dump. As a bonus, many of these items are recycled, so you’re helping the planet as well as reclaiming space in your home.

Glass, Plastic, and Textiles

Broken toys and household items often find their way to the basement. You can throw glass, including broken glass, plastics, and textiles, directly into the dumpster. We do ask that you properly contain these items to prevent injury to yourself or one of our team members.

Plastic containers and packaging materials are great materials to add since they’re recyclable. If you can’t donate clothes, linens, and other textiles, toss them into your rental residential dumpster.

Items Not Permitted in Dumpsters

You can throw some liquids in the dumpster. However, avoid throwing paints and adhesives into the dumpster. They stick to other items, making it hard for sanitation workers to handle them.

Here are a few other items that you won’t be able to throw into one of our residential rental dumpsters:

  • Refrigerants (which contain harmful chemicals)
  • Tires (cause damage to landfill vehicles)
  • Potentially hazardous materials
  • Medical waste, such as used bandages, syringes, and needles that may contain infectious materials
  • Car batteries that contain acid that may leak into groundwater
  • Water and fuel tanks, such as hot water and oil tanks may emit dangerous chemicals

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